Triple latch panic lock

Special function Y for closure and passage doors
Nr. 1025
Standard version Information
Special executions Special version on request e.g.: Hazardous side same as hinge side. Function from the inside: The door has a lever handle on the inside. Actuating the lever handle retracts the latch of the main lock, while the connecting rod pulls back the latches of the additional latch locks. The door can be opened. Function from the outside: The door has a lever handle on the outside. The door that has been pulled to is always in the secured state (external lever handle disengaged) and can only be opened from the outside with the aid of the key. Turning the key switches to the passage function. The lever handle can be operated and the door is accessible. The key can only be removed if the external lever handle is disengaged. When the door is pulled to, it is simultaneously locked from the outside and can only be opened using the key.
Standard version
Mandrel dimension Forend Lock case Latch Bolt Follower Locking type abbreviation Forend dimensions
65 mm 20, 24 mm, stainless steel closed, galvanised Nickel-plated steel Nickel-plated steel 9 mm, two-piece PZ, RZ 20, 24
Locking types available mandrel dimensions
PZ: cylinder lock prepared for profile cylinder
RZ: cylinder lock prepared for round cylinder (distance 74 mm)
65, 80, 100 mm


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