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The name BMH stands for "Beyer & Müller Heiligenhaus", after our company founders as well as our historic headquarters, which we only gave up in 2014 in favour of our current, significantly larger location. Since then, BMH has been located in Velbert's industrial estate "Am Lindenkamp" and benefits from around 5,700 m2 of usable space with a further potential for expansion on a 14,500 m2 plot of land. The move to the neighbouring town, only a few minutes away, also had another advantage: The majority of BMH's long-standing staff and experienced specialists were retained. Currently, around 90 employees work at BMH.   


The entire production process takes place at the company's headquarters, from the stamping of the individual components to assembly. The products are designed beforehand in the company's own development department using CAD software, and the tools are manufactured with modern CNC machines. We maintain our own tool shop with twelve employees who make the appropriate tools. The factory also has its own certified test engineering department. Here the products are put through their paces under standardised conditions. For example, they are opened and closed tens of thousands of times and need to pass many other tests. This way we can guarantee the highest reliability and functionality of our products.

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BMH in 6 keywords

Large building hardware dealers and renowned door manufacturers as well as building equipment contractors.


Locks and fittings, including those for wooden doors, facility construction, fire and escape doors as well as metal construction.


Around 90 women and men, including trained locksmiths with decades of experience.


Very fast, thanks to experienced specialists, intelligent warehousing and a high degree of completion at the site.


Velbert, between Düsseldorf and Essen, in the heart of the “Key region” - the world's leading location for safety and security technology.


Traditionally high, with the help of specialised experts and certified testing technology - in other words, "Made in Germany".


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