Expertise by hand 

Our manufacturing philosophy is an essential part of BMH's quality. When it comes to unique pieces, such as replicas of historical locks, perhaps even of unusual design, nothing beats the craftsmanship of an experienced specialist. Often, the inner workings of locks are far too complex to be produced economically by machine - especially when it comes to small batch sizes. This is where our experts with many years of experience come into play.



Our locksmiths are the last of their kind. Since 1987, this profession has no longer been taught, it was replaced by the "industrial mechanic specialising in equipment and precision engineering". However, they still exist in our locksmith's workshop - the heart of the company. Following the old tradition, they design or repair locks or rebuild historical examples based on templates or drawings. With this expertise gained from experience, the locksmiths are also ideal technical advisors when it comes to developing modern products.

Our name stands for quality, functionality and individuality.


At BMH, the installation of modern locks is also a job for human hands. All parts produced in the factory - sometimes up to several dozen in the case of more complex locks - have to be assembled with a sense of proportion and expertise. A machine cannot - and should not - do this work.

Tool making

Twelve employees alone are responsible for making tools at our company. Although this activity also involves working with mechanical equipment, such as eroding machines, milling machines or lathes, manual labour is still required. After all, each type of lock often requires unique tools that have to be manufactured with precision and a steady hand for a perfect fit.

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