Switch lock

Nr. 1141
Standard version Information
Special executions Functional description: The switch lock is mounted vertically above the automatic shoot bolt lock, deflection lock or rebate espagnolette lock in the upper end of the door leaf. After the door leaf has been opened by means of the fitting, the switch latch of the switch lock automatically locks the shoot bolt rod in place. The locking mechanism prevents damage to the floor covering when the door leaf is opened. When the door leaf is closed, the switch latch comes into contact with the frame. The locking mechanism of the shoot bolt rods is automatically released, and the shoot bolts can be retracted into the frame or floor locking recess.
Standard version
Forend Switch latch Case Use with art. no. Forend dimensions
20, 24 mm, galvanised Plastic Galvanised steel Espagnolette locks: 1130, 1132, 1134, 1136, 1138, 1152, 6130
Deflection lock: 1150
Rebate espagnolette lock: 1155
20, 24


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