Panic tubular frame lock

with reversible latch switch function E
Nr. 1214
Standard version Information
Special executions Special version on request e.g.: Forend stainless steel; latch arrester. Function from the inside: The door has a lever handle on the inside. Pressing the lever handle retracts the latch and the pre-locked bolt. The door can be opened. Function from the outside: The door has a fixed knob on the outside. The latch and bolt can be operated with the key. By pulling the door to, opening from the outside is prevented by the latch. The door can only be opened with the key. To open the door, the latch is retracted by turning the key with the help of a key-operated latch. The door can also be locked and unlocked with the key.
Standard version
Mandrel dimension Forend Lock case Latch Bolt Follower Strike plate Locking type abbreviation Forend dimensions
35 mm 24 mm, galvanised galvanised galvanised galvanised 9 mm without PZW 24
Locking types available mandrel dimensions

PZW: Cylinder lock prepared for profile cylinder, with key-operated latch

30, 35, 40, 45 mm


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