Panic lock

Passage function D for closure and passage doors
Nr. 6810
Standard version Information
Special executions Special version on request Function from the inside: The door has a panic door fitting on the inside. When actuated, the latch and the pre-locked bolt are retracted. The door can be opened. Function from the outside: The door has a lever handle on the outside. The latch can be retracted using the lever handle. The door is not yet secured by pulling it to from the outside. To secure the door, it is necessary to lock it with the key. To open the door, the key must be used to unlock the door and the latch retracted by actuating the lever handle.
Standard version
Mandrel dimension Forend Latch Bolt Follower Locking type abbreviation Forend dimensions
65 mm 20, 24 mm, stainless steel Nickel-plated steel Nickel-plated steel 9 mm, two-piece PZW, RZW 20, 24
Locking types available mandrel dimensions
PZW: cylinder lock prepared for knob cylinder with undefined
  position of the cylinder cam, double-throw
RZW: cylinder lock prepared for round cylinder with undefined
  position of the cylinder cam  (distance 74 mm), double-throw


55, 60, 65, 80, 100 mm


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