Latch deadbolt lock

for triple latch closure
Nr. 1032
Standard version Information
Special executions Special version on request e.g.: Forend length 235 mm. Use: With connecting rod no. 1106 and main locks no. 1020, 1022, 1122, 1025, 1026 and 1027. For steel doors and fire protection closures. Function: The self-closing latch deadbolt lock no. 1032 is connected to the main lock of the triple latch closure via a connecting rod no. 1106 that runs through the steel door. It has a latch and an auxiliary latch. The latch is blocked by pressing in the auxiliary latch. An automatic blocking mechanism prevents the latch from being pushed back. The latch can only be retracted into the lock by means of rod actuation.
Standard version
Mandrel dimension Forend Lock case Latch Forend dimensions
65 mm 20, 24 x 170 mm, stainless steel closed, galvanised Nickel-plated steel 20, 24 x 170
available mandrel dimensions
65, 80, 100 mm


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