mortise lock DIN 18 251 Class 5
Nr. 500
Standard version Information
Special executions Special version on request e.g.: 9 mm spring clamp follower; latch lock; deadbolt lock; crank latch; noise attenuation; composite latch (noise reduction); Forend 20/24 x 280 x 3
Standard version
Mandrel dimension Forend Lock case Latch Bolt Follower Strike plate Chip protection sleeves Locking type abbreviation Forend dimensions
65 mm
20, 24 mm
stainless steel
galvanised, with
guard locking device
Nickel-plated steel Nickel-plated steel 8 mm spring clamp follower,
sintered metal
without with PZW, RZW, BB, BAD 20, 24
Locking types available mandrel dimensions
PZW: prepared for profile cylinder, with key-operated latch, double-throw
RZW: cylinder lock prepared for round cylinder (distance 74mm), with key-operated latch, double-throw
BB: warded with key no. A3, double-throw
BAD: Bathroom door lock, 78 mm distance, single-throw
55 to 100 mm


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