Combination PM 12

Panic function manual locking of the inactive leaf
Nr. PM 12
Special executions Functional description: Inactive leaf The inactive leaf cannot be unlocked until the active leaf has been opened using the lever located in the forend of the rebate espagnolette bolt. The door is locked manually after the door has been placed in the locking position and the shoot bolt rods have been pushed out of the door leaf into the door frame (top) and floor locking recess (bottom) by releasing the lever attached in the forend. Inside of the active leaf: The active leaf can be locked and unlocked from the inside with the key. In addition to the bolt, a shoot bolt rod is actuated at the top and bottom. When the bolt is pre-locked, the bolt and the shoot bolt rods can be retracted at the same time with the latch by means of the door lever handle. Outside: There is a fixed knob on the outside of the active leaf. The active leaf can be locked and unlocked from the outside with the key. In the unlocked state, the latch can be retracted with the key by means of the key-operated latch.


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