Panic shoot bolt lock

-only bolt- can be used right/left for manual locking of the inactive leaf of 2-leaf doors
Nr. 1133
Standard version Information
Special executions Special versions on requeste.g.: Bolt monitoring with a single-throw pre-locked bolt. Functional description: Actuation of the lever handle on the shoot bolt lock causes the shoot bolt rods to be retracted into the shoot bolt lock and at the same time the bolt of the active leaf lock to be pushed back. This enables both door leaves to be opened at the same time. The shoot bolt rods remain in their retracted position after actuation of the lever handle and will be pushed out of the lock in the opposite direction by actuating the lever handle again.
Standard version
Mandrel dimension Forend Lock case Follower Forend dimensions
65 mm 20, 24 mm, stainless steel closed, galvanised 9 mm 20, 24
available mandrel dimensions
65, 80, 100, 120, 125 mm


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