Mortise lock with

two cylinder perforations for radiation protection doors
Nr. 1017
Standard version Information
Special executions Special version e.g.: threaded bushings M5 (mandrel dimensions 40/85 mm, 65/110 mm, 65/120 mm); with key-operated latch (mandrel dimension 40/80 mm single-throw); followers 9 + 9 (with fire protection certification)
Standard version
Mandrel dimension Forend Lock case Latch Bolt Followers Set with lever handle and knob Locking type abbreviation Forend dimensions
40/80 mm 20, 24 mm
stainless steel
galvanised Nickel-plated steel Nickel-plated steel 8 + 8 without PZ, RZ, BAD 20, 24
Locking types available mandrel dimensions
PZ: cylinder lock prepared for profile cylinder
RZ: cylinder lock prepared for round cylinder (distance 74 mm)
BAD: bathroom door lock, 78 mm distance, single-throw
40/80 mm, 40/85 mm, 50/90 mm, 65/100 mm, 65/110 mm and 65/120 mm


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