Combination VA 57

Full panic function Automatic locking of the inactive leaf
Nr. VA 57
Special executions Functional description: Inactive leaf The inactive leaf and the active leaf can be unlocked simultaneously via the inactive leaf. The shoot bolt rods are automatically locked in place by means of the switch lock. The door is locked automatically with the help of the switch lock. By simultaneously actuating the electric door opener in the inactive leaf and in the frame of the active leaf, the latch and the snap bolt of the unlocked active leaf lock can be released and the active leaf opened. Active leaf Inside: The active leaf can be locked and unlocked from the inside with the key. When the bolt is pre-locked, the bolt and the snap bolt connected via the shoot bolt rod with locking spring can be retracted simultaneously with the latch by using the door lever handle.Outside (with pre-locked bolt): There is a door lever handle on the outside. If the bolt is locked back twice, it is switched to the “passage” function. The door is always accessible. When the bolt is pre-locked once or twice, it is switched to the “closure” function. The door is only accessible with the key. The door is locked when pre-locked twice. When the bolt is pre-locked once, the door is not yet locked, but only secured by the latch and the shoot bolt rod (external lever handle disengaged).


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